About Us

‘TinkerFruit’ is not a brand, it has no philosophy (except great customer service!) and therefore has no voice of its own. It does not make any of the products you may see here.

Rather, this site is merely a purchasing portal, a single combined web-store that was born out of an ever growing need to establish at least one online home for a whole bunch of associated brands that are generally only available locally in Australia and New Zealand.  

There were basically so many requests over the years that we simply had to do something for all those who couldn’t easily make the big journey back down to our beautiful neck of the woods – so here you are!

The items you will find here are all completely exclusive to this website – you will find them nowhere else online. (..but let us know if you do, we offer rewards!)

And if it all seems a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ occasionally then that’s just because we don’t take any our creative explorations too seriously. We seem to be far more interested in discovering what can be done – with any particular medium, or any particular gear – than we are in producing the outcome in any great volume.

Basically, all these products are just ‘the fruits of our tinkering’ – hence the name. And be warned: we seem to get bored rather quickly. So if you like something you see, then best to grab it today, because it may not be here tomorrow. Some of the best things we ever made have long since gone extinct.

For all other history and meaning relating to any particular items on display
here, please feel free to visit the various associated wholesale websites
directly, where you will see the entire scattered evolution in full. 

A list of the best pages can be found below –




nzrox.nz (main)


pauaprism.com (prism)


pauaprism.com (archive)


lightning-tree.com (product)


lightning-tree.com (earth)





Site Owners –

All of the brands represented on this site – along with the site itself – are created and owned by a single parent body –

Paua Prism Group (AUS-NZ). 


Crew –

As close friends and family of the owners, the team who (insanely!) took on the task of running the website decided to do so out of nothing more than a desire to all do something together (beyond just BBQ and beer!), a venture based on many shared values: particularly a common commitment to offering great value and service, but also a deep sense of place,
of people, and of the land.


We sincerely hope that these values shine through in every dealing you have here, and that this will lead you to share your experience with many others over time.